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Evernote Is Reportedly Testing a Severely Restricted Plan for Free Users

28 Nov 2023 4:32 PM | Anonymous

This is a follow-up to an article I published yesterday at that offers even more information:

If these changes are implemented, free users will be limited to one notebook and 50 notes.

Evernote is experimenting with severe restrictions to its free plan, which may nudge users to upgrade or quit the app entirely. According to a report from TechCrunch, some Evernote users were greeted with a pop-up message announcing that the free plan would be limited to a single notebook and 50 notes. The pop-up also introduced a "special 40 percent off" offer, encouraging users to upgrade to a paid plan to create notes and notebooks without limits.

But despite the in-app notification, Evernote's website has no mention of changes coming to its free plan. A representative for the company explained to TechCrunch that the website had not been updated because the change was not yet final. The company confirmed it has been testing the limited plan with less than 1 percent of its free users. Based on how that goes, Evernote will determine whether to implement the new plan. If that does happen, the representative said the company would then communicate the changes to “the relevant customer touch-points.”

You can read more in an article by Stephanie Barnes published in the Engadget web site at:


  • 29 Nov 2023 1:59 PM | Anonymous
    Seems to me that company that intends to communicate to "the relevant customer touch-points" is too far off into TechnoLand for me. I cannot imagine how any of this will be successful.
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  • 30 Nov 2023 7:49 AM | Anonymous
    It has been several years since I was a new user at Evernote. As their entire offering is cloud based it makes sense that they would limit what is "free". It sounds like they are hoping people will try it, realize that it is an incredibly useful tool for a host of reasons and subscribe. It is not a cheap service but one I use multiple times a day.
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