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The Price of an Evernote Subscription Is Increasing

27 Nov 2023 8:04 AM | Anonymous

I have been a loyal and enthusiastic user of Evernote for years. However, that is about to change.

About a year ago, Evernote was purchased by Bending Spoons. I haven’t seen much difference in Evernote’s operation since the new owners took over. However, the price of an Evernote subscription is now increasing to a level where I am now questioning if the service is worth the new price.

In a post to the Evernote Blog, the company announced, "The price of an Evernote subscription is increasing.” In fact, it is increasing to a level where I am no longer interested in paying the new price.

The new prices are a bit complicated. You can read the details at: However, the price for private individuals is clear: $129.99 per year. I enjoy Evernote but I don’t enjoy it THAT much.

JoplinI am now looking at alternative replacements for Evernote. One that looks appealing is Joplin, a freeware open source product that seems to have a lot of enthusiastic users.

Joplin may be found at:


  • 28 Nov 2023 11:35 AM | Anonymous
    I may have read about Joplin in one of your earlier posts. In any event, I tried it out, liked it, and am now using it instead of Evernote. I am still in the process of moving my Evernote notes over, but it's an easy process, just takes some time.
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  • 28 Nov 2023 10:47 PM | Anonymous
    How about pencil and paper?
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  • 30 Nov 2023 7:54 AM | Anonymous
    I agree the subscription price to Evernote is high and so far have felt it worth it but like you, I am open to a tool that is as good for a better value. I am curious if you have a way to back out of Evernote with all of your files? If so, that might be a suggestion for an article that could be very beneficial for users.
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