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Storing and tracking information about JPG images

  • 19 Oct 2020 3:19 PM
    Message # 9313212

    Re: Keeping track of image files. On Windows, you can right-click a JPG image, then on the Details tab, there are several attributes which you can freely write to and edit. I use the Comments attribute to store the source of an image, a URL, for instance, or a donor's contact info. You could use the Subject attribute to gather common images, the powerful Tag attribute to manage groups of images, etc. The attributes can also be selected for display when you're looking at a folder of images, some even can be sorted or grouped. I especially like that all of the information is kept in the image file itself. I posted a screen shot of a folder of images sorted on Tag at https://ibb.co/sqrkLG0

    Stephen Tinius,
    Myrtle Beach SC

  • 9 Nov 2020 9:11 PM
    Reply # 9354362 on 9313212

    Great ideas, Steven - another one is to record the citation in one of those fields as your are saving the downloaded document.  Unless an ISP strips the metadata when you've shared the file with someone, that citation stays a permanent part of the file.


    Austin, Texas

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  • 19 Nov 2020 11:35 AM
    Reply # 9375703 on 9313212

    My images are labeled Y-D-M, surnames.propernames, town, country. If it's a house or building that name instead of the names. It's worked for me but wondering from this post if it's correct. In spite of my wondering I can't go back and change years of data now. 


  • 19 Nov 2020 9:50 PM
    Reply # 9376605 on 9313212

    When I right click on a .jpg file I don't get a "details". I get a list of 15 items. The first one is "Add to Favorites" and the last one is "File Info". No Details.

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