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Some of Today's Flash Drives That Have More Storage Than That of Your Desktop Computer: 2 Terabytes

13 Jan 2021 7:28 PM | Anonymous

I have written often about the need to make frequent backups of your genealogy data and anything else that is important to you. While not the only backup method available, one method is by copying files to flash drives. Traditionally, flash drives have been capable of storing a few megabytes or perhaps a few gigabytes of data although the exact number keeps increasing every few months as the manufacturers constantly release new, higher-capacity devices.

Today, several manufacturers offer flash drives capable of storing up to two-terabytes. That's more storage space than what is found in most home computers. Today, it is possible to back up your entire computer to a flash drive! 

So see a selection of a dozen or more 2-terabyte flash drives, look at Amazon at: Prices vary from $25.99 to $49.99, only a fraction of the prices one year ago. (Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.) Similar prices are available from any other vendors as well.

WARNING #1: Beware of the mislabeled flash drives that claim to have high storage capacity. 

WARNING #2: I would never use this or any other flash drive as my only backup. Flash drives are too easily lost or misplaced. Also, the flash drive manufacturers don’t seem to be willing to publish numbers about the expected lifetime of these devices. I will suggest that a flash drive can be a PART of a backup regimen, along with other backup media.

Never store all your data in any single device, not in a single flash drive, not in a single CD-ROM disk, and not in a single file storage service in the cloud. The wise computer user always makes multiple backup copies onto different media and stores them in different places to protect against hardware failures, natural disasters, loss or theft, or anything else that can result in the loss of a single backup copy.

One more thing to keep in mind: L.O.C.K.S.S. – Lots Of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe


  • 14 Jan 2021 7:58 AM | Anonymous
    You should be cautious about any claims for flash drives of 2 TB. I purchased 2 of them, and discovered that they would only hold 16 GB. They had done something to the drive so that it only appeared to hold 2 TB. If you want to purchase one of these, review how long they have been on line and also look at the reviews. I threw the flash drives away, since I was afraid that they would have a virus. Any flash drive that claims 2 TB and that costs $25 is almost certainly bogus.
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    • 14 Jan 2021 9:35 AM | Anonymous
      Agree. I just looked at the reviews for the drive in the link. None were from the US out of 310. When you read the reviews they are for screen protectors, not the drive. Very suspicious.
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    • 15 Jan 2021 4:09 PM | Anonymous
      ---> You should be cautious about any claims for flash drives of 2 TB.


      That is why I wrote in the above article, "WARNING #1: Beware of the mislabeled flash drives that claim to have high storage capacity. "
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  • 20 Jan 2021 9:13 PM | Anonymous
    I'm adjusting to the new website and format. Overall, I like it. One thing that is unsettling for me is that all the posts and comments are from "Anonymous". Is there a setting you can change so we can see what is authored by you, vs. other people? Presumably all the posts are, but in the comments it's less clear, particularly if more than one person is adding comments.
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