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Hawaii State Archives Is Going Digital

11 Jan 2021 10:40 AM | Anonymous

There is a phrase in Hawaiian, “I malama ia ka ike, hua mai ka ike,” which means, “when knowledge is protected, knowledge emerges.”

That is the motto that is lived-by at a great resource for Hawaii’s public to use — the Hawaii State Archives.

It is great to know that the Archive is in the works to digitize what is physically in the building so everyone can access the files online from home. 

Click here to view the new digital platform website.   

State Archivist Adam Jansen wants to let everyone know that the platform is still in construction and will hopefully completed by the middle of 2021.


  • 11 Jan 2021 11:23 PM | Anonymous
    This would have been a help to Trump to find Obama's birth certificate.
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