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Photographer on Quest to Save Nova Scotia's Abandoned Cemeteries

11 Jan 2021 10:31 AM | Anonymous

For Steve Skafte, the quest to find Nova Scotia's abandoned cemeteries feels a bit like bringing the dead back to life. The photographer from Bridgetown, N.S., has always been drawn to the places others may have forgotten or overlooked.

His latest project is to create a record of all the abandoned cemeteries in the province, and he's starting close to home. So far, he's plotted about 40 old cemeteries in Annapolis County alone. He drove by some of them hundreds of times without ever noticing they were there.

You can read the full story and view several pictures and a map of known abandoned cemeteries in an article by Emma Smith in the CBC News website at:


  • 12 Jan 2021 10:41 AM | Anonymous
    Good for him. He is doing a great service to the people of Nova Scotia. In later 2019 I was near some of these on vacation. Good job!
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