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Announcing a New, Independent, Narrative-Driven Podcast About Preserving Family History

23 Nov 2020 11:06 AM | Anonymous

The following announcement was written by Rick Brewer:

IOWA CITY, IA.—The first season of Let’s Reminisce launched on Monday November 23, 2020. Let’s Reminisce tells true family narratives as a means to show listeners the value of recording and preserving their own family’s history for future generations. This podcast is hosted and produced by public radio producer and former archivist Rick Brewer.

Season 1 of the podcast will feature stories from Brewer’s family history. Many of the interviews were never intended to be put on a podcast. They were just family oral histories. Episode 1 unpacks the family secret of how Brewer’s parents met using a pre-internet dating service. Another episode will feature Brewer’s late grandfather, Lowell Polley. With dozens of hours of recordings with Polley, Brewer reaches out to distant family members to tell the story of what he was able to learn about his grandfather. Also to come, the story of Matt Alvarez’s relationship with his grandmother and how they were able to communicate without speaking the same language.

Currently, Brewer’s full-time job is at Iowa Public Radio as a talk show producer. Before his life in audio, Brewer was an archivist and librarian. Soon after graduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington, Brewer began producing feature stories for WFIU Public Radio, WIUX’s American Student Radio and created the podcast GPSG Radio. He also hosted a morning music show on community radio station WFHB and his work has been featured on WFYI’s Curious Mix, WAMC’s 51 Percent, and PRX Remix. 

Let’s Reminisce is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and anywhere podcasts are found.


  • 24 Nov 2020 8:56 AM | Anonymous
    Thank you, Dick. This is such a great idea. In March, when the pandemic shutdowns began, I was pleased to get a request from my son that I use the "found time" to record little family stories. I had already written some, but he wanted them on video. So each week my husband and I sit in front of a computer and create video recordings (10-15 minutes) telling about some family incident / memory / story. I've committed to one a week, and will continue as long as I can think of "stuff" to pass on. My sons are delighted and we're pleased (beyond words) that they are interested.
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  • 24 Nov 2020 10:03 AM | Anonymous
    A Weight Watcher's leader once told the group that for her children's birthdays one year, she wrote a story for each one telling them what the day was like the day they were born. She included specifically what she did and how she felt. I suppose she also mentioned any significant world events also. I can't remember if my mom did this, but she did write a little bit of family history for her children each Christmas for several years. These are treasured and a good basis for further expansion and research.
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