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Please Read: An Update to the Email Messages Describing Newly-Added Articles on This Web Site

8 Apr 2024 10:56 AM | Anonymous

You may have noticed the article, "How to Receive Daily Email Messages Listing All Newly-Added Articles to This Newsletter (Again)," published a few days ago at: If you haven't read it yet, I strongly suggest you go read it now. Everything else in this new article is in reaction to that earlier article at:

The previous article describes a method of receiving the full text of all the new articles posted to this web site sent to you in email messages. (There are other options besides full text but I suggest you start with full text at first and then change things as you wish after obtaining a bit of experience with the new method.) The new method has been working well for several days now. There is one negative, however: these weekly lists of new articles are now redundant.

For several years, I have sent out WEEKLY email messages listing the titles of all new articles published in the previous week. The new DAILY messages sent with the full text of all new articles duplicates that effort.

I hate duplication of efforts.

As a result, I have decided to stop sending the WEEKLY email messages as all the same information and much more are contained in the new DAILY email messages. I suspect you already receive lots of email, I further suspect you don’t want DUPLICATE information!

I will send this article in this week's email and I will repeat it in next week's email as a reminder and then I will stop sending the WEEKLY email messages.

If you want to continue receiving email updates to newly-published articles, you need to sign up for the DAILY messages as described at:


  • 21 Apr 2024 5:59 PM | Anonymous
    So, why are we getting duplicates from one week to another?
    I may have to sign off, once I delete it, I really do not want to see it again the next week!
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  • 22 Apr 2024 4:45 PM | Anonymous
    I already get too many emails and getting 5 or 7 instead of one does not sound like a good deal to me. Please keep the weekly. Thanks.
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