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ChromeOS: The AP Guide to Google's Desktop Operating System

3 May 2023 7:03 AM | Anonymous

NOTE: This article is not about any of the "normal" topics of this newsletter: genealogy, history, current affairs, DNA, and related topics. However, I have written often about Chromebooks, the low-cost computers that can perform most all tasks that standard Windows and Macintosh systens can perform.  They are excellent "second computers" for use when traveling, for use by adolescents and even younger children, for gifts to senior citizens and other non-computer-literate adults, and for many other uses also.

ChromeOS is common on Chromebooks, but is it right for you? Or do you already have a Chromebook and want to learn more about its capabilities? A new article by Tyler Lacoma takes a look at everything that makes ChromeOS unique. The article is at:

Also, Google offers a Chromebook tutorial where you can learn more and pick up additional tricks at

Comment: I just bookmarked both of those web addresses on my Chromebooks so that I can refer to therm at any later date. You might do the same.

Additional Comment: If you are thinking of purchasing a new Chromebook, you might want to look at the soon-to-be released new military-grade heavy-duty Chromebook from Asus at Not only is it rugged, it is also much higher-powered than other Chromebooks. Pricing isn’t mention in that article but, with those specs, you can be assured that it won’t be cheap!


  • 4 May 2023 7:02 AM | Anonymous
    We have three Chromebooks. Great for watching the news. More cost-effective than iPad.
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