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Illinois State Archives Says Death Certificates Database Updated to 1971

23 Jan 2023 7:43 AM | Anonymous

From the blog of the Illinois State Genealogical Society:

The Illinois Death Certificates searchable database at has been updated to include death certificate entries for the years 1951-1971!

CLICK HERE to visit the NEW 1951- 1971 Death Index Database!

This is a long-awaited update that is sure to help many Illinois family historians! The updated database is listed separately from the earlier death indexes, so now when you visit the State Archives Databases page at, you will see the marriage index plus three death index options:

The information you will find in the new database is very similar to the 1916-1950 database- 

  • Name 
  • Sex/race
  • Age at death 
  • Certificate number 
  • Date of death 
  • City and county where the certificate was filed
  • Date certificate was filed 

This information can be used to contact the county clerk for a copy of the death certificate. Death certificates prior to 1916 or after 1947 can be obtained through the county clerk's office where the certificate was filed.


  • 24 Jan 2023 12:47 PM | Anonymous
    The Illinois State Archives website is useful for far more than the Death Index database. They have an amazing array of databases, along with a guide to using the archives for genealogical research, and links to resources such as the Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) System. The personnel at the Archives and at the various IRADs are extremely welcoming and helpful; my interactions with them, both remotely and in person, have been invariably positive.
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  • 24 Jan 2023 1:47 PM | Anonymous
    I believe that the Illiois State Genealogical Society will do lookups using the Death Index.
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