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What to do Until There's an Every-Name Index for the 1950 U.S. Census

5 Apr 2022 10:36 AM | Anonymous

Without an every-name census index it might be harder to find your people, but it's still possible. Nancy Messier's suggestions for the steps that will make it easier may be found at


  • 6 Apr 2022 10:22 AM | Anonymous
    It has been noted that each Enumeration District (ED) in the 1950 census see smaller that earlier censuses. This and shorter pages allows quicker finding of persons/families. The biggest problem I have found is that when I find the address at which the person/family should reside, Murphy takes over as invariably the entry is not a name but a notation such as "no one at home". This means that I have to look through the following pages to find the "re-visit" when someone is home.
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  • 6 Apr 2022 11:27 AM | Anonymous
    You can help create the index between Ancestry and FamilySearch....
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