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Introducing the Family Tree Timeline from MyHeritage

10 Mar 2022 9:03 AM | Anonymous

The following announcement was written by MyHeritage:

We’re happy to introduce a new feature on MyHeritage: the Family Tree Timeline. The Timeline is a visual representation of one individual from your family tree, that you select, and his or her direct ancestors. The lifespans of these individuals (from year of birth to year of death) are mapped on the same axis to allow you to see them in relation to each other, which can provide refreshing insights into your family history.

The Timeline is a bright and attractive display, with each branch of the family displayed in a different color. The Timeline shows the ages of your ancestors at various points in their lives: how old they were when they had children, how long they lived, and how their lifespans overlapped with those of other family members or major world events. The Timeline can be downloaded and shared easily with your family and friends.

For example, it’s easy to visualize with the Timeline which of your 4 grandparents was born first, how old you were when each of them passed away, and so on.

Family Tree Timeline with 4 generations (Click to zoom)

Family Tree Timeline with 4 generations (Click to zoom)

Let’s dive in and see how it works:

The remainder of this (lengthy) announcement may be found at:


  • 11 Mar 2022 1:20 PM | Anonymous
    Very interesting, but sharing didn't work?
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