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A $97 Chromebook

9 Mar 2022 9:57 AM | Anonymous

NOTE #1: This article is off-topic. That is, it does not concern anything to do with genealogy, DNA, or related topics normally found in this newsletter. However, I suspect that many newsletter readers will be interested in this article for many different reasons.

How about a brand-new (not refurbished) Chromebook for sale for $97 (U.S. funds)? BestBuy is selling the brand-new Chromebook IdeaPad 3 for that price, a $122 drop from the normal price of $219. I assume that price is only good in the U.S.

This would be an excellent choice for a second computer for you for use when traveling or for use when watching television or for a gift to a non-computer-expert adolescent or adult in the family. As stated by BestBuy:

"Fast, flexible, and fun, the Chromebook 3-11" brings everyone’s favorite Chromebook features, housed in a slim chassis, running on the lightning-fast Chrome OS that boots up in seconds, updates automatically, and is protected by built-in virus protection. Powered by an AMD A6 processor with up to 10 hours of battery life, the IdeaPad 3 Chromebook can seamlessly run all of your favorite apps at the same time."

You can

NOTE #2: I have no idea how long this price will be available.

NOTE #3: I am not compensated in any way for writing this article. I am simply a very satisfied Chromebook owner and user. I paid for my Chromebook (and for my earlier Chromebook) with my own funds. My Chromebook is not made by Lenovo but it works in the same manner as the one being advertised at BestBuy. It is my primary computer for use while traveling where I don't want to expose my more expensive Macintosh laptop to damage or theft. It performs all the tasks I need when traveling, including writing and posting articles in this newsletter.

All Chromebooks work well for using the more popular computer apps that are web-based: surfing the web, reading and writing email, text messaging, two-way video messaging, using Facebook (now called Meta), playing many computer games (although not all), using,,, and most everything else that is commonly used today. A Chromebook would not be a good choice for applications that require heavy duty processing, such as CAD/CAM applications, or some of the graphics-intensive computer games.

You can learn more in the article "5 Ways That Chromebooks Are Better Than Windows Laptops" at

NOTE #4: At this price, you are not receiving the latest state-of-the-art powerhouse. It has an AMD A-Series A6 processor which is not the latest or fastest available. It also has an 11.6-inch screen which is not the largest Chromebook screen available these days. But, then again, what can you expect for a brand-new laptop with a 32-gigabyte hard drive (that you probably will never fill up simply because Chromebooks default to saving files safely and securely in the cloud), can override the default to save files to different cloud-based file storage services, to the local hard drive, to network drives, to a flashdrive, to a plug-in USB hard drive, or to any other place for storing files), that never gets viruses, that invisibly installs software updates without interrupting the user, and includes a full 1-year warranty, for only $97?

Again, you can


  • 9 Mar 2022 10:54 AM | Anonymous
    You are correct, Richard! In Kitchener, Ontario, it is currently $299!! WOW!
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  • 10 Mar 2022 9:55 AM | Anonymous
    I bought a Chromebook to replace my aging iPad when Apple decided they wouldn't support YouTube anymore. I have been very pleased with the Chromebook's simplicity and ease of use. It's now my go-to machine for catching up on the news every day.

    We bought more Chromebooks to connect to our TVs.

    Also, my wife switched from a second iPad to a second Chromebook when it couldn't display PDFs properly anymore.

    Love them!
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  • 10 Mar 2022 4:14 PM | Anonymous
    I too am debating getting one to replace an iPad used by a family member, but I am puzzled by the fact that this model does not have a touch screen. Most iPad users I know are almost totally accustomed to navigating by touch.
    If one is accustomed to hitting the icons on an iPad, how exactly does the switchover to a Chromebook work?
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    • 14 Mar 2022 9:31 AM | Anonymous
      ---> how exactly does the switchover to a Chromebook work?

      A non-touchscreen Chromebook works in exactly the same manner as most Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers: it simply doesn't have a touchscreen. (Some of the higher-priced Chromebooks DO have a touchscreen. For instance, my Chromebook DOES have a touchscreen but all of the cheaper ones do not.)

      Since the touchscreen is optional, I am very accustomed to having that or not. I find it to be a non-issue. I switch back and forth between touchscreen devices and non-touchscreen devices without difficulty. Others may have different preferences.
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    • 14 Mar 2022 10:45 AM | Anonymous
      Chromebooks have keyboards and touchpads. I find the keyboard more convenient for entering text. You don't lose half your screen when typing comments, search terms, etc.

      The keyboard is also essential for opening multiple tabs by holding down the Ctrl or Ctrl + Shift keys, and clicking on the link with the touchpad.
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