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Stevemorse.Org Is Not Spam

6 Dec 2021 7:55 AM | Anonymous

Steve Morse operates a valuable web site for genealogists at at Unfortunately, (previously known as Facebook) has crippled Steve's web site. Here is a note from Steve that I received:

"It turns out that facebook is now flagging all facebook postings that mention my website as being spam. I won't even try to convince you of the absurdity of that because I'm sure you are aware that it is false. I've received email from users informing me of this, and one person told me that it is happening at all genealogy facebook groups that she is a member of. There's not much that I can do to fight facebook, but perhaps you might want to get the word out to your readers about this.

"To verify that it is happening, go to the facebook debug tool at


and enter They respond with

"> We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards.

"-- Steve"


  • 7 Dec 2021 11:51 AM | Anonymous
    This is a shame. Facebook is in big trouble for other things, but their dictatorship must be revealed to the public. They owe Steve and everyone who uses his great site a huge apology.
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  • 7 Dec 2021 12:11 PM | Anonymous
    I logged into Facebook and did the steps as outlined by Steve. At the end was a link to click if you felt it was in error. I clicked the link and explained that was a genealogy web site with tools to assist researchers. I explained genealogy was researching the family tree. I said I felt that it was in error and if they could look into the matter. Perhaps we should all do that.
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  • 7 Dec 2021 2:03 PM | Anonymous
    I personally am not having problems so far but this is unacceptable from Facebook. Our society has a FB page plus we are connected to dozens of genealogy and history sites. This is worrisome. Steve has done live programs for us and he is one of the best and most informative speakers we have had.
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  • 7 Dec 2021 6:55 PM | Anonymous
    Isn't Facebook irrelevant when we can go directly to Steve's own website? What does Facebook add?
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    • 8 Dec 2021 12:31 PM | Anonymous
      Social links are crucial for Search Engine Optimization.
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