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Font Sizes in Browsers

22 Jul 2021 4:57 PM | Anonymous

Here is a tip for everyone who uses the World Wide Web: You can control font sizes.

I often receive e-mail messages from readers stating that the fonts on or other web sites are too big or too small. As you surf the web, you will undoubtedly find some sites that have fonts too big or too small for your monitor.

Are you aware that YOU control the font sizes as displayed on your screen?

When I ask, I find that some people are using tablet computers with 5-inch display screens, others are using14-inch monitors, still others are using 32-inch monitors, and still others use everything in between as well. Resolution sizes vary from 800-by-600 pixels to very high resolutions. No wonder these folks have problems with fonts; there are so many different monitors and video cards in use.

Font sizes specified by web designers are only the default values. The default values are compromises as it is impossible to select one size of font that is appropriate for all sizes of monitors, all resolutions, and the vision preferences of all users. In all cases, YOU are the one who has the final control of the font sizes displayed on your monitor.

For the majority of Windows, Macintosh, Chromebook, Linux, and other computers, to INCREASE the font size, hold down the CONTROL key (Macintosh users hold down the COMMAND KEY) and then press the PLUS Key. Press the Plus key more than once to increase the font size more than once.

For the majority of computers, to DECREASE the font size, hold down the CONTROL key (Macintosh users hold down the COMMAND KEY) and then press the MINUS Key. Press the Minus key more than once to decrease the font size more than once.

This works on the majority of web browsers but it is always possible that the web browser installed in your computer might be an exception. Check the documentation (help files) to see what the keystrokes are for your web browser.


  • 23 Jul 2021 7:53 AM | Anonymous
    Thanks. What a great tip.
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  • 23 Jul 2021 12:23 PM | Anonymous
    I usually use the CTRL key plus the roller on my mouse to increase (roll forward) or decrease (roll back) font size. It works on some of the other programs I use on my PC too.
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