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How can I Store my Digital Photos Forever?

8 Jul 2021 4:09 PM | Anonymous

Sure, it is easy to create digital photographs with today’s smartphones and digital cameras. But how do you keep them forever so that future generations may view them?

Actually, the process is simple and is well described in an article by Jack Schofield in The Guardian web site at

Schofield writes:

“People lose their most important photos every day when hard drives fail, when smartphones and laptops are stolen, when online services shut down, and when natural disasters strike. Fires, floods and earthquakes can also destroy digital records.

“To be really safe, you should have more than one copy of each photo, stored in more than one way in more than one place.”

You can read the full article at:


  • 9 Jul 2021 6:41 AM | Anonymous
    My answer to "How can I Store My Digital Photos Forever?" is this: upload them to Family Search Memories. ( Not just photos but audios/videos and documents. Storage is as forever as it gets; the LDS organization has been ongoing since 1830. Storage is unlimited (but 15MB per file). Storage is free. Files can be named, annotated, and linked with persons.
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