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MyHeritage Acquired by Leading Private Equity Firm Francisco Partners

12 Apr 2021 9:34 AM | Anonymous

This was unofficially announced earlier (see my earlier article at: but today MyHeritage published the official announcement. It is a "done deal" The transaction was signed on February 24, 2021, and was pending regulatory approvals, which have recently been received, and hence the acquisition was completed today.

All the details may be found in the MyHeritage Blog at:

The summation in that article states: "Going forward, MyHeritage will remain the same family history company that you have grown to love. Our mission remains unchanged and we will continue innovating to make family history more fulfilling, enjoyable, and accessible."


  • 13 Apr 2021 4:38 AM | Anonymous
    Where venture capitalists are concerned, you know it is never going to end well.

    Read so many of these rosy, everything is going to be fine, life will continue on as it has done before statements by takeover targets. Sadly the reality is that it won't.

    Venture capitalists don't make money by taking a hands-off approach. Things will change, not tomorrow, not next month, but they will change.

    Now I am not a paying customer of MH, only use the Library Edition, so I have no vested interest in what happens to them.

    My advice, keep a very close eye on it, make sure all your data is backed up, and be ready to move quickly.

    Pessimistic I know, but history will prove me right in the end.
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    • 13 Apr 2021 6:21 AM | Anonymous
      I post my tree there and some of my pictures so that family members and others I invite can access the information. And I use the research tools like the US Census. I don't see why there is any danger in that!
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    • 13 Apr 2021 12:21 PM | Anonymous
      You may not have a monetary interest directly, but if you use the Library Edition, you're paying the taxes that make access possible. MH could easily get rid of the library edition, water it down even more, or charge such exorbitant rates that libraries won't be able to afford it. It has happened with other library databases. This is why libraries with genealogical collections, if adequately funded and staffed, remain committed to preserving and providing access to their resources. They're at the mercy of these companies.
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