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MyHeritage Introduces Deep Nostalgia™ Special Animations

5 Apr 2021 4:08 PM | Anonymous

MyHeritage recently introduced Deep Nostalgia, a groundbreaking new photo feature that allows you to animate the faces of your loved ones in still photos to produce a realistic depiction of how the person in the old photo could have moved and looked as if they were captured on video. I haven't found anything similar on any other web sites.

(See my earlier articles about Deep Nostalgia photo enhancements by starting at:

The popularity of this enhanced photographs has mushroomed. Since its launch 5 weeks ago, 72 million animations have been created on MyHeritage.

Deep Nostalgia appears to be only the foundation of the new service. In the last 5 weeks since its introduction, the folks at MyHeritage have introduced new enhancements to the service every week or two.

Today, the company released 10 additional "special" animations for Deep Nostalgia™, doubling the number of animations available and allowing you to see your ancestors express a wider spectrum of gestures and emotions, for example, dance, blow a kiss, smile wholeheartedly, nod approval, and more. The special animations are available to subscribers on the Complete plan.

(The newsletter's software does not display the Deep Nostalgia version properly. If you do not see motion in the above video, click on to see it the Deep Nostalgia version.)           

Quoting the MyHeritage Blog's announcement:

"This feature is based on different sequences of gestures that can be applied to a photo, each originating from a pre-recorded driver video that we’ve prepared in advance using MyHeritage employees. When we launched this feature, 10 such drivers were available. Today, we’re excited to announce that we have doubled the number of drivers. The 10 additional drivers released today, which we call special animations, allow you to see your ancestors express a wider spectrum of gestures and emotions, for example, smile wholeheartedly, blow a kiss, nod approval, and more. The special animations are available exclusively to subscribers on the Complete plan.

"Many of our users were moved to tears to see their ancestors look around and smile at them. Now you can enjoy this even more, with the new special animations. "

A rather complete description of the new features as well as several examples of the results my be found at the MyHeritage Blog at I would suggest you read that to see what all the buzz is about and then try it on a few of your old family photographs.

I suspect you will be impressed. I was!


  • 6 Apr 2021 4:17 AM | Anonymous
    I found the demonstration link physically sickening. I cannot imagine how anybody would want to see an ancestor jerking around like a puppet.
    I tried the sample Enhancement tool the other day and it caused a useable image to be unusable.
    I suggest they stick to providing historical data that is unavailable elsewhere.
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