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30 Mar 2021 11:26 AM | Anonymous

A newsletter reader asked a question today about finding and reading past newsletter articles. I am guessing that perhaps other readers have the same question. I decided to write a brief article here in case someone else has the same questions.

Questions: Are all the articles only available by searching? Isn’t there a list to scroll through?

Answer: You can easily find and read past articles.

If you already know the topic or a few words of the article(s) you seek, simply enter those word(s) in the SEARCH box that is on almost all pages in this web site. It works almost the same as searches on Google or other search engines except that it only searches in articles in this newsletter, not in the entire Word Wide Web.

The SEARCH BOX is the fastest way to find past articles if you know any of the word(s) in the article.

However, if you simply want to browse through past articles to see what has recently been published in recent months, click on the numbers shown at the top of the article listings:

Clicking on the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on results in:

Click on #1: Show the most recent articles

Click on #2: Show the next to the most recent articles

Click on #3: Show the third most recent page of articles

And so on and on...

Clicking on those numbers shows past articles in reverse chronological order: the higher the number, the further back in time you go. 

Any questions?


  • 31 Mar 2021 10:53 AM | Anonymous
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    • 5 Apr 2021 6:02 PM | Anonymous
      I don’t have numbers at the top of the article listings, that’s the problem. I would browse if I could, but again, when I click on the link in your email, all I get is a list of the top five or six articles—and there is no set of numbers at the top. How do I find them on the website? Thanks.
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      • 5 Apr 2021 9:55 PM | Anonymous
        Agreed. Every weekly notification I get lists more articles than are displayed. I seem to have to jump through hoops to find them. I've now bookmarked the link below for future reference.
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      • 6 Apr 2021 8:41 PM | Anonymous
        ---> How do I find them on the website

        Go to and log in

        Click on LATEST NEWS

        The numbers will appear in the upper part of the web page, as shown in the second image above.
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