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Wrap-up: RootsTech Connect 2021

1 Mar 2021 11:51 AM | Anonymous

February 27 marked the close of RootsTech Connect 2021. This was the first year this conference with hundreds of thousands of attendees was held as a virtual conference. Overall, the conference was deemed a success even though there was no way to meaningfully compare it to the in-person conferences of previous years. However, more than a half-million people registered around the world, making this the biggest genealogy event ever.

No matter how you measure it, I'd say the virtual conference was a success as it appears that the conference met most of the objectives (or maybe ALL of the objectives) of Family Search, the conference organizers.

Rather than my writing about this conference, I'd like to offer a "virtual" report and let others write about it. Following is a list of just a few of the many online articles written about this year's virtual conference. If these articles do not tell you everything you want to know about last week's events, go to your favorite search engine and search for "RootsTech Connect 2021" to find hundreds more articles about it.

One thing about a virtual technical conference with more than a half-million people attendees: those attendees know how to document what happened with technology... ON-LINE!

RootsTech Connect 2021 (written before the conference was held but provides a good overall introduction to the plans):

Welcome to the Family (written as RootsTech Connect 2021 was drawing to a close):

RootsTech Connect 2021 sessions:

Hundreds of thousands attend all-virtual RootsTech Connect 2021:

Dozens of YouTube videos about RootsTech Connect 2021 and I suspect more videos will, still be added in the next few days:

3 RootsTech keynotes explain why knowing your family history matters.

‘How Does Your Name Sound’ and other new innovations to see at RootsTech Connect at

Vivid-Pix Brings Family History Home at RootsTech Connect 2021 with Free Education & Research:

And finally, 3-day RootsTech Connect was simply the ‘ribbon cutting’ for what’s to come (a peek at plans for future RootsTech plans):

Most of the sessions from the virtual, global family event will be available to watch on-demand throughout 2021. Keep an eye on


  • 2 Mar 2021 3:16 AM | Anonymous
    Over 1 million people attended!
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  • 2 Mar 2021 7:45 AM | Anonymous
    I spent 3+ days listening to/watching 60+ sessions.
    1. I would not have been able to attend in person, even if it had been available
    2. I was able to access so many more sessions
    3. The ability to rerun parts and screen print just what I needed.
    4. Yes, so worth it to pay to attend- no hotel, no finding meals, no "oh no, where is this next session?"
    All of this outweighs no being able to ask a question
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  • 2 Mar 2021 11:05 AM | Anonymous
    I am working on a "finding aid" for RootsTech. I will be updating this aid in the future. Download this Excel workbook from my Google Drive
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