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MyHeritage Introduces Photo Storyteller™ to Record the Stories Behind Your Favorite Family Photos and Attach the Audio Narrative to the Photos

25 Jan 2021 10:33 AM | Anonymous

I have briefly used this new feature from MyHeritage and am impressed. I plan to spend several hours this week adding this to the individuals in my personal genealogy database.

As stated in the announcement of the new product:

"The Photo Storyteller™ is available on the free MyHeritage mobile app and enables you to easily record yourself or interview your family members, describing the real story behind any of your family photos. You'll enjoy gaining deeper insight into your photos and sharing the recordings with your family members (turning any photo into a voice-enriched video) so you can reminisce about times gone by. By recording your loved ones, those photo stories will turn into memories that your family will hold precious in the future.

"To record a story behind a photo, open the MyHeritage mobile app. Tap the Photos icon on the main screen, tap on any photo, and then tap the microphone icon to record the photo’s story.""

You can read more about the Photo Storyteller™ in the MyHeritage Blog post at, which includes the interesting background behind its release.

The MyHeritage Photo Storyteller™ app may be found at

Have fun with the Photo Storyteller™!


  • 30 Jan 2021 2:34 PM | Anonymous
    I love the idea, the question is saving it in a format that will be findable/viable in a few decades.

    I'm guessing the best route is as a mp4 to be saved alongside the digital photos to be passed down.

    The key to survivability is to use existing widely used (generally consumer) formats.
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