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  • 22 Mar 2021 2:22 PM
    Reply # 10224710 on 9279668

    I much preferred the weekly digest form!

    Reply from Dick Eastman:

    The weekly digest format is still being sent every Monday afternoon (Eastern U.S. time).  It is sent by email to every one who has registers a (FREE or paid) subscription. If you have a subscription, check your spam folder to see if those messages are there. If you do not yet have a (FREE or paid) subscription, you may sign up at https://eogn.com/page-18077 or click on SUBSCRIBE in the above menus. Again, it can be either FREE or paid. The paid subscribers do receive access to the Plus Edition articles.

    Last modified: 23 Mar 2021 8:43 AM | Anonymous
  • 22 Mar 2021 7:35 PM
    Reply # 10225532 on 9279668

    It would be nice if one could see the log in for the newsletter somewhere MUCH MORE obvious than it is. 

  • 24 Mar 2021 12:33 AM
    Reply # 10229477 on 9279668

    Why is everything posted by anonymous? I am confused. I haven't received the newsletter in a long while. I just had to rejoin ( apparently I was lost along the way) but I'm finding it confusing.

    Reply by Dick Eastman:

    The word Anonymous means that you are not authorized to see the names. That applies to anyone who has not registered for an account on this web site. In contrast, registered users can see names. For instance, when I see comments or articles, I can see the names. I don't yet know all the rules of this but I do know it depends upon your level of membership.

    Last modified: 24 Mar 2021 12:29 PM | Anonymous
  • 25 Mar 2021 1:51 AM
    Reply # 10232921 on 9279668

    Thanks, but I have registered several times, in fact. That is why I'm confused. I thought I followed all the instructions. Do you have to have the paid version to see anything but anonymous? I don't know if the articles are written by you or not. Sorry, old dog here.


    REPLY by Dick Eastman:

    ---> I don't know if the articles are written by you or not.

    All articles are written by me, unless otherwise stated. If an article is written by someone else, that person's name is usually given in the first (or maybe second) line of the article.

    Last modified: 25 Mar 2021 10:03 PM | Anonymous
  • 29 Mar 2021 2:54 PM
    Reply # 10249779 on 9279668

    Still haven’t figured out how to see a list (with links) to all articles—when I get the weekly digest, there is a long list of articles. When I click on link to the webpage, only about five articles are shown. Because of this, I haven’t read anything here in months. Are all the articles only available by searching? Isn’t there a list to scroll through? Thanks for any help you can give on this.

    REPLY by Dick Eastman:

    ---> Are all the articles only available by searching?

    All articles here are available without searching. There are hundreds of past articles available to you. now and at any time. However, only about 10 articles are shown on any one page. 

    To see previous articles, click on the previous page(s) by clicking on the numbers at the top right of the page:

    Last modified: 30 Mar 2021 11:16 AM | Anonymous
  • 7 Apr 2021 4:05 PM
    Reply # 10284628 on 9279668

    I find the new format confusing.  I have ended up going in loops and then given up finding what I was looking for.


    Reply from Dick Eastman:

    If you already know what you are looking for, use the Search Box that is on almost every page on this web site. It works in a similar manner as Google and all the other search engines, except that it only searches the pages in this web site.

    For instance, if you are looking for any articles that mentioned "Missouri" you can simply enter the word Missouri into the Search Box and press enter. (I just tried that and it returned a list of 8 articles. Click on any article in the list and that article will instantly appear on your screen.)

    You can also enter multiple words into the search box. For instance, entering the words:

    North Carolina

    returns 77 articles. Obviously they are not all about researching North Carolina ancestors. That lengthy list would find those words anywhere in any article, including addresses of companies in the state or about an upcoming genealogy conference to be held in North Carolina. It is a simple search for the words, just like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo, and all the other search engines.

    Last modified: 10 Apr 2021 12:04 PM | Anonymous
  • 12 Apr 2021 1:33 PM
    Reply # 10304026 on 9279668

    Briefly, & I've complimented you over the years   --  your endeavors in the field of genealogy are "excellent"   ----  so credible, well researched and so very much appreciated by someone who can read and "know" what I have no time to find.    Your site continually keeps improving.          Thank you.

  • 12 Apr 2021 1:36 PM
    Reply # 10304051 on 9279668

    BIG SUGGESTION:    "ENLARGE"  THE "lOG iN"  icon.    I could not find it.  Thanks

  • 13 Apr 2021 6:33 PM
    Reply # 10309361 on 9279668

    To see previous articles, click on the previous page(s) by clicking on the numbers at the top right of the page you see when reading the articles. For instance, here is a screen shot of one of those pages. Please note the numbers that have been circled by a red oval:

    Last modified: 14 Apr 2021 11:18 AM | Anonymous
  • 19 Apr 2021 11:22 PM
    Reply # 10330123 on 9279668

    Maybe it’s a mobile view thing but there are no numbers at the top of ANY article. I primarily view the website on my iPad mini—but there are no numbers at the top of the page when viewing an article. There ARE numbers at the top of the page when viewing the forum/discussion comments. But not when viewing the articles.

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