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Expedient Microfiche Reader Illuminates Retro Datasheets

21 Dec 2020 11:46 AM | Anonymous

Articles about microfilm and microfiche readers used to be popular in this newsletter 20+ years ago. However, as technology has changed and improved to computerized records and especially the retrieval of those records, new articles about microfiche/microfilm have almost disappeared. However, a recent article by Dan Maloney and published in the web site is a welcome addition. Actually, it is an article about what to do to read microfiche when you can no longer find an available microfiche reader.

This article is about one person's solution to an existing problem. It also is not an announcement of a new product about to go into mass production. However, it highlights the problem of disappearing old-fashioned technology and tells of one possible solution. The reader leaves other solutions for the reader to create.

You may find this very interesting article at and includes a YouTube video of the solution.

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