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Randy Majors Introduces New Reference Maps

2 Dec 2020 9:47 AM | Anonymous

Prolific genealogy programmer Randy Majors has added a new Reference Maps section of the Research Hub website. Here is the announcement:

Quick Links: New Reference Maps section on

Sometimes, you just need a quick reference map image rather than a fancy interactive map tool.  

Well, for those times, you can now visit the new Reference Maps section of the Research Hub website.  You get there by going to this part of the menu on

On that menu, you'll find links to the following state-based map images:
Using the Civil Township Maps by State as an example, click the image of the state you're interested in to go to that interactive map tool, like this:
Once you're using the map tool, you can turn on other map layers in the lower left corner or zoom in further if name labels are not appearing on the map.

But I thought you said reference map IMAGES?!

Yep, I did :)  Just scroll down the page below the map tool. 
You'll see a static image like this (only larger):

Shortcut:  To go straight to the image from the Reference Map page, you can right-click the image thumbnail and choose 'Open image in new tab'.
Note that some of the static map images cannot be labelled on a state-wide map because there are just way too many townships in some states.  If that's the case, just click through to the interactive map tool and zoom in a bit to your area of interest and labels will draw in a few seconds.  
Also, if there is interest from people, I will create county-based map images for a more close-up view where more features can be labelled.
Hope these reference maps come in handy from time to time.
Happy mapping!

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