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Does Joe Biden have Relatives in India?

16 Nov 2020 11:16 AM | Anonymous

US vice president-elect Kamala Harris’ ancestry is 50% from India, a fact that is well-known in the ISA. However, less well known is the possibility that president-elect has relatives in the same country.

CAUTION: The relationship is not proven. It should be considered to be a POSSIBILITY, not a proven fact.

A plaque commemorating 19th-century British ship captain Christopher Biden has become a popular selfie spot in the eastern city of Chennai since the US election, and a Biden family in western India says that it has become “exhausted” by calls since their namesake staked his claim to the White House.

Joe Biden has well-documented Irish ancestry (see my earlier article at, but he also spoke of possible Indian connections on a trip to Mumbai in 2013 when he was vice president. Joe Biden said in a speech that he had received a letter from an Indian Biden after becoming a US senator in 1972, suggesting that they could be related.

According to the Reverend J. George Stephen, the Bishop of Madras, "We’ve come to know the records of two Bidens — William Biden and Christopher Biden — who were brothers and became captains of the East India Co on merchant ships in the 19th century.”

Stephen said that “while William Biden died at an early age, Christopher Biden went on to captain several ships and eventually settled down in Madras,” which is now known as Chennai.

If Joe Biden does have an Indian ancestor, Christopher is considered the most likely candidate, said experts who have studied family records.

There are also Bidens in Mumbai and Nagpur in Maharashtra state who could be descendants of Christopher Biden, one of eight children of a John Biden who could be the common link.

You can learn more in a syndicated article from the AFP/India news agency at

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