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A New Way of Predicting Which Kids Will Succeed in School: Look at Their Genes

23 Oct 2020 12:42 PM | Anonymous

According to an article by Daisy Yuhas, published in the NBC News web site:

Many factors boost a child's chance of success in school — like having wealthy parents who can afford tutors. But recent research has raised another possibility — one that is discomforting to many — the idea that scientists might someday be able to spot the genetic markers associated with academic performance.

To do this, researchers are turning to a relatively new genetic approach called the polygenic score, which assesses a person’s likelihood for a specific future based on a combination of genetic variables. It’s a research technique that some scientists are using to assess obesity or cancer risk, for instance. Now, researchers are exploring this approach in non-medical contexts, like academic or athletic success.

However, scientists are urging caution with the use of this new study. The accuracy of this new genetic approach is not yet proven.

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