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Proton Pass Now Available on Linux, macOS, and Safari

7 Jun 2024 8:23 AM | Anonymous

Here is an article that is not about any of the "normal" topics of this newsletter: genealogy, history, current affairs, DNA, and related topics. However, I will suggest that ALL computer owners should be aware of it.

The following announcement was written by Proton:

We’re excited to announce that Proton Pass has expanded its reach! With our new macOS app, Linux app, and Safari browser extension, you can now use Proton Pass on all major operating systems and browsers. Managing your passwords and other items has never been more convenient.

No matter which platform you use, Proton Pass ensures that your passwords sync effortlessly and are accessible whenever you need them. Your current subscription also supports offline mode on desktop apps.

You can also use Proton Pass to:

  • Get notified if a third-party site leaks your data with Dark Web Monitoring
  • Get alerted on your password vulnerabilities with Password Health
  • Secure your email with unlimited hide-my-email aliases
  • Generate and manage 2FA codes on Proton Pass

DownLoad Proton Pass

What’s next for Proton Pass?

  • Unlock with biometrics
  • Item sharing via secure links (even with people who don’t use Proton Pass!)
  • Support for identities
  • Extra password (a password to unlock Proton Pass, separate from your Proton Account password)

Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission. If you have questions or feedback, you can join the conversation on Reddit or X.

Stay secure,
The Proton Team

Comment by Dick Eastman:

I have long been a very satisfied of Proton’s products (VPN, Email, Cloud Storage, and Calendar). Proton’s primary business is creating high-security products that cannot be spied upon by hackers, corporate spies, government spies, and others who want to snoop on your online activities and use the information obtained for nefarious purposes.

When the company announced its latest product, Proton Pass(word manager), I immediately downloaded it on my Macintosh computer and started adding all my online passwords. While I have only used it for a few hours so far, I am impressed with the products’ ease of use. While I don’t have the tools to test its online security, the fact that it is a Proton product indicates to me that Proton Pass is as secure as Proton’s other products.

Well done Proton!

You can learn more about Proton’s high security products by starting at:

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