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The Three Stevens Brothers: An Extraordinary Transatlantic Bond Formed in Memory of a Fallen D-Day Soldier

6 Jun 2024 5:48 PM | Anonymous

The MyHeritage Blog has a fascinating story about an internation friendship that originated in wartime and has lasted for 80 years afterwards. 

"Since the end of WWII, a beautiful and incredible friendship has connected the family of Sylvie Laillier, a French user from Normandy, and an American family from Pennsylvania that sent 3 sons to fight in the war. Two of them, Paul and William Stevens, did not return. The third, Donald Stevens, now 97 years old, cherishes this unwavering bond that unites them despite the years that pass and an ocean that separates them. For the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landing on June 6, we are honored to tell you their story, which Sylvie’s cousin, Ludovic Adeline, has just published in a magnificent comic strip."

You can read much, much more at:

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