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Ringling College Launches First-of-its-Kind AI Undergraduate Certificate Program for Art and Design Students

5 Jun 2024 5:46 PM | Anonymous

The following is a press release written by the folks at Ringling College:

Ringling College of Art and Design has announced the launch of a groundbreaking new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Undergraduate Certificate program, the first of its kind at an art and design college. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex impact of AI on creative industries of all kinds.

The rise of AI has brought both opportunities and challenges to the world, and to the world of art and design. While AI tools can serve as powerful creative tools, the technology has been developed using methods that raise serious moral and legal concerns. Recognizing the need to address these issues head-on, Ringling College has designed a program that prepares students for careers merging AI with art, design, and creativity in a responsible and ethical manner.

“AI is scary, exciting, revolutionary, and sometimes feels like an existential threat to creators of all kinds. At Ringling College, we are committed to innovation and providing our students with the tools they need to thrive in constantly evolving creative professions,” said Rick Dakan, AI Coordinator at Ringling College. “The AI Undergraduate Certificate program is a proactive response to the rapid technological changes reshaping the creative landscape. We want our students to be equipped to shape the future of art with AI, not simply be shaped by it.”

The certificate program is available as an option to all Ringling College students pursuing studies in 13 different majors. The program will provide real-world applications. The three-course program covers fundamental AI and machine learning principles, their application in creative contexts, and the ethical, societal, and cultural implications of AI in art and design. Through hands-on experience with AI tools and a focus on responsible integration of AI in creative practices, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world challenges and succeed in AI-driven creative industries.

“Creativity is the heart of the future,” said Dr. Larry R. Thompson, president of Ringling College. “All that creativity encompasses—imagination, design thinking, emotional intelligence, and a holistic perspective—will fuel our future economy, and society. AI is here, and here to stay. Therefore, it’s our responsibility as an institution of higher and creative learning to teach our students how to responsibly leverage this new tool to their advantage; much in the same way  as we did several years ago when the computer was introduced to art and design and became the new paintbrush.”

Upon completion of the program, students will have not only a certificate but also a portfolio showcasing their ability to innovatively apply AI in their creative work. This program will add another credential to their resume, positioning these students as competitive candidates in the job market. As the creative world continues to evolve, Ringling College remains dedicated to providing its students with the latest education and resources necessary to thrive.

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