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4 Jun 2024 8:53 AM | Anonymous

The following was written by GenWebinars:

  • Frustrated by prerecorded webinars where you can’t ask questions or interact with the speaker?
  • Discouraged by “live” webinars with very a limited time to ask your questions and no time for follow-ups?
  • Limited with no time to commit to expensive multi-day courses or institutes?
  • Dissatisfied when there isn’t enough time to cover a topic in the detail needed?
  • Disappointed when you can’t chat one-on-one after a program as with in-person events, and have to publicly type your questions via chat?
  • Annoyed when you can’t find the meeting link or handout?
  • Displeased that the webinar you want is only scheduled once at an inconvenient time?

GenWebinars combines the convenience of individual genealogy webinars with the personal interaction and in-depth content of online courses and institutes.  Each session is as long as needed to explain a topic in detail, and is followed by an interactive question/discussion period allowing everyone to contribute.  There are no subscriptions or long term commitments, just sign up for only what you want, even if it’s part of a series.  Each webinar is scheduled multiple times to help insure everyone can attend, and accessing everything associated with a webinar such as the meeting link, handouts, and surveys is a breeze.

GenWebinars is owned, operated, and taught by Diane L. Richard and David M. McCorkle, award winning professional genealogists with over 30 years combined lecture experience.

For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at

You can read more, including a list of scheduled upcoming webinars, at:

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