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Issues of the Tryon Daily Bulletin from Multiple Decades Added to DigitalNC

3 Jun 2024 8:28 AM | Anonymous

The following is a press release from the Polk County Public Library:

We have just added issues of the Tryon Daily Bulletin from 1951-1953, 1980-1982, 1990-1992. These join the issues already on our site from 1928-1951. Contributed by the Polk County Public Library, the issues from the 50s were added from microfilm. In addition, the Library’s staff scanned print issues from the 80s and 90s to add to our site. “The World’s Smallest DAILY Newspaper” is a true example of a local paper, with contents created locally and confined mostly to county or regional news.

Published 5 days per week, the Bulletin from these different time periods have things in common! On the left side of every front page is the column “Curb Reporter.” Starting with the day’s weather, it has brief snippets of local to international news. 

Black and white cartoon of law enforcement officer holding a baton and the speech bubble "move on buddy" addressed to a person in a suit with a notepad and pencil on a curb. All caps heading: CURB REPORTER

In all decades, you’ll find classified ads, committee and government meeting reports, and personal notes and mentions that have all but dropped off of newspapers today.

View all issues of the Tryon Daily Bulletin on the newspaper’s home page.

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