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How to Look Up the History of Your House

16 May 2024 10:21 AM | Anonymous

Have you ever wondered, "Who was the original owner of my house? When was my house built? What is the history of my house?" An online article provides help. contains an article that describes how to find historic information that can be shared or searched. The site is looking for stories about all houses, whether historic or not. Quoting the web site:

"Here are eight things about your house you may want to know:

    • History of major construction and work on the property.

    • Details of previous sales.

    • Names associated with the address.

    • Environmental information about the property.

    • Deaths that occurred on the property.

    • Fires or gas leaks that have been reported on the property.

    • Meth activity.

    • Historic photos of the home and neighborhood."

Every old house has a story to tell. What gives a home such great value is its history, and what I mean by history is not necessarily the age of the building but the stories that come with it. The reason most people like historic buildings isn’t just because of its architecture, which can be replicated. It’s the knowing that another preceded you, and lifetimes occurred within that home’s walls.

The article also states:

“Before you scour the public record and historic documents for information about your house, be sure that you are ready to deal with the issues that may arise from knowing more. If you discover major issues with a property you own – whether it's soil contamination that makes it dangerous to live there or a murder that occurred in the house – you may have to disclose the information to would-be buyers when you try to sell the property.

“Still, the more you know, the better equipped you are to restore a historical property, make the structure safe for your family or simply stay away if it's a home you haven't purchased yet.”

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