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Swedish Business Digital Reading Room Is Open

10 May 2024 8:16 AM | Anonymous

The Centre for Business History in Stockholm manages over 85,000 linear meters of historical material on behalf of Swedish companies. The parts of the archives that are digital, either scanned or born digital, are now made accessible via a “digital reading room,” a new web service available at

“For 50 years, we have provided materials to researchers in our physical reading rooms. Today, increasingly larger parts of the deposits we manage are digital, and these can now be searched directly from one’s computer or mobile,” says Anders Sjöman, head of client projects and communication at the Centre for Business History.

Companies that keep their archives at the Centre thereby gain even easier access to their materials. The same applies to researchers, who gain easier access to the archival materials they need for their research.

You can read more in an article by Anders Sjöman, VP for Communications at the Centre for Business History, at:

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