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How to Find Older Articles in This Newsletter

1 Apr 2024 4:18 PM | Anonymous

In the past few weeks, I received several email messages from readers of this newsletter expressing frustration with not being able to find some articles listed in my weekly email messages. Apparently, these folks did not know how to use the numbers at:

Thousands of articles are still available in the web site.

I answered frustrated readers in email but also decided to post the same instructions here for everyone to see. 

Actually, there are two different ways of finding older articles (perhaps 4 or 5 days old up to 4 years old.)

Method 1:

This works best to find articles that are only a few days old:

Go to

Scroll down the page for a bit and look for the numbers:

Number 1 is the default, that shows the latest articles

Clicking on number 2 will display the older articles (from a few days ago).

Clicking on number 3 will display even older articles (from a few days or maybe a week ago).

Even older articles may be found by clicking on even higher numbers.

Method 2:

To find still older articles (up to 4 years old) use the search box that is shown on most of the pages in this web site:

(It works in a similar manner to Google and other search engines: enter a word or a phrase and press ENTER. You will then see a list of all articles that contain that word or phrase.) Click on the article title of your choice.

That’s it!

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