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Digital Project Opens Possibility to Research Hungarian Noble Families

1 Apr 2024 3:32 PM | Anonymous

A group of young people with noble roots, led by art historian Villő Szekeres-Ugron, embarked on an ambitious project: the Hungarian Noble Photographic Archive (MaNeFo), reports This initiative aimed to preserve and digitize photographic material related to the Hungarian nobility.

The inspiration for the project stemmed from a digitization competition, highlighting the importance of safeguarding cultural heritage. Collaborating with organizations such as the Castellum Foundation and the Association of Hungarian Historical Families, Villő Szekeres-Ugron spearheaded the endeavor. Funding from the National Cultural Fund’s College of Photography and generous contributions from private donors facilitated the project’s initiation.

The core focus of the project lay in digitization efforts, overseen by Ms. Szekeres-Ugron and an advisory board. Their goal was to ensure accessibility of the digitized material to researchers and historians. 

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