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Texas Woman Reunites With Birth Mom 50 Years After She Was Forced Into Adoption

26 Dec 2023 6:42 PM | Anonymous

Angela Saucier, 68, experienced an 'emptiness' after being separated from her newborn daughter, but being reunited with Winona Nagy, now 49, 'just felt right'

Angela Saucier always hoped she would one day reunite with the "beautiful" baby girl she was forced to give up for adoption — the daughter she held for mere minutes before she was taken away at the hospital.

It's a memory she has kept close to her heart for the past five decades.

"I didn't have her at all," 68-year-old Angela tells The Messenger. "When I signed the papers, they let me hold her, and that was the only time I got to touch her."

"Then the emptiness came after she was gone, and it left a big hole, but I knew she was perfect, and she was beautiful," she continues.

On Dec. 9, after 50 long years, Angela was finally able to hold her daughter for the first time since their brief time together in the hospital.

It was a moment that only happened after Angela's daughter, Wesley, received an alert from the genealogy website MyHeritage that she was related to a woman named Winona Nagy, her long-lost half-sister.

"I can't put into words how it felt to put my arms around her and to have her hugging me back," Angela says of her reunion with Winona, now 49, in Texas.

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