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Ask Amy: The Transformative Power of Genealogy for Adopted Individuals

15 Sep 2023 9:02 AM | Anonymous

From the "Dear Amy" column by Amy Dickinson:

Dear Amy: As an adopted person, I have found genealogy an extremely interesting way of learning about my families.

DNA directs to family histories on maternal and paternal sides.

By adoption I am connected to many different branches on many trees.

I recently connected to my grandfather, who came from Denmark at age 17.

I now am learning so much more about the beauty of his home country and the family he left behind.

Other histories take me all over the world to places and people I would not have known about.

My own outlook on my life has changed beyond measure.

The resources are almost unlimited.

– Choosing My Wholeness

Dear Choosing: Your perspective is beautiful. I’m happy for you.

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