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Historic Objects Open Up Stories for New Scottish Highland Museum Platform

16 Jun 2023 5:44 PM | Anonymous

Museums from around the Highlands have joined forces to provide a new way to learn about the rich history of the area.

A new website provides a platform for people to learn about everything from archaeology and ancient stones, clans and Jacobites, the impact of world wars and everyday life to complex colonial histories alongside stories of historic Highlands people.

The learning hub, known as Museum of the Highlands, centres around an interactive timeline, allowing users to discover over 350 objects from 3 billion BC to the present day.

High-quality photographs along with detailed descriptions provide up-close analysis of each object.

Rosie Barrett, digital learning and interpretation specialist who worked on the project, said: “For anyone new to object-based learning, the concept is simple. The term refers to using physical objects as a teaching aid. We can see, touch, and even smell things our ancestors held and used to learn about the past. This project challenged us to capture and convey these physical attributes for a digital platform.

You can read much more about the Museum of the Highlands in an article by John Davidson published in The Northern Times web site at: while the Museum of the Highlands may be found at: 

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