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Statistics Canada Launches Tracking Tool as Canada’s Population Nears 40 Million

16 Jun 2023 8:27 AM | Anonymous

Canada is close to reaching 40 million people, and Statistics Canada has launched a new tool to watch that population growth in real time.

The Canada population clock keeps an ongoing tally of births, deaths, immigrants, emigrants, non-permanent residents and inter-provincial migrants. The tracker also keeps count of the population of every province and territory, as well as the population change since midnight.

As of this publication, Alberta currently sports a population of just over 4,730,000.

Canada reportedly added over one million new residents in a one-year span from January 2022 to January 2023, a year-over-year increase of 2.7 per cent compared to the year prior.

According to Statistics Canada, 2022 marked the highest annual population growth rate since 1957, which held a 3.3 per cent increase due to the post-war baby boom and refugees from the Hungarian Revolution.

The tracker can be found online at the Statistics Canada website at

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