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15 May 2023 10:52 AM | Anonymous

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(+) How to Make Money Selling Genealogy Information – Part I

Shogan Confirmed by U.S. Senate as 11th Archivist of the United States

Does Your Genealogy Society Publish eBooks? If Not, They Should.

Unveiling of List of Catholic-Run Native Boarding Schools Allows for ‘Subsequent Generations to Achieve Healing’

Cork Genealogy Database Holds 57,000 Burial Records to Help Search for Ancestors

University of Louisville Researchers’ Artifact Archive Tells the Story of Louisville

Some Ancestors of Native Americans Came From China, Says Study

MyHeritage Adds High-Quality Images to the 1910 Norway Census Collection

Exploring a New UK Web Archive Collection on King Charles III

IGHR - Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research (Virtual)

Chronolocation: Determining When a Photo was Taken Using Facebook, Google Street View and Assorted Tiny Details

New Genome Map Tries To Capture All Human Genetic Variation

Free BCG-Sponsored Webinar “Name Changes and the Law”

Genealogy Products and Services Industry Flourishing as DNA Testing Soars in Popularity

Are FlashDrives Effective For Making Backups of Important Data or Digital Pictures?

Carnegie Mellon Students Make AI Shine in New ChatGPT-Based Game

Boston Bus Stops Double as Digital Libraries Under New Pilot Program

Is Facebook Only for Old People?

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