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Obtaining Italian Citizenship Through Your Ancestors

30 Mar 2023 8:36 PM | Anonymous

Italian citizenship is one of the most sought-after nationalities in the world. Whilst numerous migrants today secure Italian citizenship and residency rights by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Italy or relocating to Italy, those with an ancestral connection with Italy may attain Italian citizenship through a more straightforward and affordable route - Italian citizenship by ancestry ("Italian CBA").

If certain requirements are met, those of Italian descent may apply for Italian citizenship without purchasing a property or making a business investment in Italy. While legal costs for Italian CBA vary depending on the complexity of the case, such costs are typically significantly lower that those required by other immigration options. This is because Italian CBA applicants are entitled to secure Italian citizenship by right of blood and they typically go through a simpler citizenship application process compared to other migrants.

Advantages of Acquiring Italian Citizenship

Securing Italian citizenship can bring a host of benefits. One may not only gain the right to live, work, and study freely in Italy and anywhere in the European Union ("EU") by becoming Italian citizens, but they may also apply for social securities, healthcare subsidies, and education benefits from any EU member states. Additionally, those who qualify for Italian CBA may secure one of the most coveted travel document in the world – the Italian passport. The Italian passport is ranked the third most powerful passport in the world in 2023 and holders of Italian passports are granted visa free/ visa-on-arrival access to 174 destinations around the globe. Moreover, in cases of emergencies, Italian passport holders may seek consular assistance and protection from any EU embassy.

Qualifying for Italian CBA

The advantage of the Italian CBA program is that the program imposes no generational barriers on its applicants, so those with an ancestral link with Italy may qualify for Italian CBA regardless of how far back their ancestral lines extend.

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