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National Library of Finland to Terminate Microfilming in Early 2024

30 Mar 2023 8:25 AM | Anonymous

The National Library will discontinue microfilming in early 2024. It will then no longer supply microfilms to clients.

Newspapers received as legal deposits will be digitised upon receipt and made available via the Digital resources of the National Library,, service. Based on the Tutkain agreement, all newspapers and journals published by the end of 2021 will be available for research use at the higher education institutions that have concluded the agreement.

Regardless of microfilm discontinuation, any microfilms made by the end of 2023 will remain accessible in the National Library’s North Hall.

Microfilming will be discontinued for several reasons. One is that as the required technology is no longer developed except to a very limited extent, we would be unable to replace our ageing equipment. Access to equipment maintenance services is also uncertain, making microfilming risky.

Since the 1950s, microfilm has been a reliable and secure storage format for extensive datasets. As resources are becoming increasingly digital, the National Library will use the Digital Preservation Service offered by CSC (IT Center for Science) to ensure the preservation and usability of digital newspapers for future generations. The Digital Preservation Service is intended for the long-term preservation of cultural heritage resources.

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