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TouringCars.Net Launches Comprehensive Touring Car Database

16 Mar 2023 8:21 AM | Anonymous

TouringCars.Net is today (14 March) announcing the launch of the Touring Car Database, featuring one of the internet’s most comprehensive sources of tin-top history and information.

Data spanning more than four decades, 263 seasons, 4,066 races, 3,477 drivers, 2,438 qualifying sessions and over 30,000 photographs (and counting) is included in the comprehensive dataset.

As well as this, contextual information on 216 individual circuits and venues is presented, along with graphical representations and historical configurations of each track.

Utilising this data, detailed statistical lists and comparisons are able to be presented. Whilst for some series (such as the British Touring Car Championship), a currently incomplete list of race winners is presented, for others, detailed comprehensive lists can be assessed.

The announcement follows many years of research from TouringCars.Net into the history of the sport at a national and international level. This research remains an ongoing project, with the intention of pulling together as much of a complete dataset as possible.

You can learn more in an article by Andrew Abbott published in the web site at: 

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