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Will Your Genealogy Data Become Searchable by Law Enforcement?

9 Mar 2023 3:20 PM | Anonymous

Whether referred to as “the Sherry Black bill” or SB.156, a new bill is regulating investigative genetic genealogy and which information law enforcement can access. 

As predicted by the Center for Genetics and Society, CGS, at the start of 2021, 100 million people had taken at-home DNA tests. 

Utah’s SB.156 outlines how law enforcement can use and access this data.

According to bill sponsor Utah State Rep. Steve Eliason, R-Salt Lake, if you submit DNA and consent to external law enforcement use, your DNA data is fair game. 

“[Law enforcement] has to be using only databases that have made the consumer aware that [their] data could be used for that purpose,” Rep. Eliason told KSL NewsRadio. 

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