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Heredis Is Launching Its Genealogical Search Service for the Genealogists With French Roots

26 Jan 2023 10:07 AM | Anonymous

The following press release was written by Heredis:

French software vendor Heredis is expanding its offering and will now provide various services related to genealogical research in France. After a successful test phase, the company will officially launch its new service on January 26, 2023.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic, we suddenly had a lot of requests from our French customers who were stuck with their research and turned to us for help," said Audrey Cavalier, co-managing director of Heredis. "That led us to the idea of developing a specific genealogical service and offering it not only to French-speaking genealogists, but also to all English- and German-speaking genealogists to help them with their research in France."

This has resulted in a comprehensive range of services:

- Help with genealogical research. You don’t speak French, yet your ancestors originate from France? Our experts can conduct online searches on your behalf and locate your French-speaking ancestors!

- Deciphering and transcribing French records (soon also in Latin),

- Translations of your French documents into English (or German)

The company can rely on the expertise of its staff, which includes three genealogists who graduated in "Genealogy and Family History" from the French University of Nîmes. Specialized in genealogical research in France and equipped with German and English foreign language skills, they are at the disposal of genealogists searching in France.

In addition, Heredis also aims to increase the visibility of existing professional genealogists and offers a specific directory of professionals for each language. This will not only help to direct searches that go beyond the scope of online archives in France to the appropriate contacts, but also provide a public and free platform for professional genealogists in Europe!

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Heredis has been producing technical solutions in the field of genealogy for 29 years. The French company, managed by its employees, develops genealogy software for Windows and Mac, iOS and Android as well as other products related to family research. Recently, it has also started offering genealogical services for research in France.

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