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Ft. Ticonderoga Acquires Major Collection as It Prepares for 250th Anniversary of American Revolution

25 Nov 2022 12:40 PM | Anonymous

From an article by Jim Levulis and published in the WAMC Northeast Public Radio web site:

Fort Ticonderoga has acquired a private collection of more than 3,000 objects, including over 200 rare firearms, as the historical site prepares to commemorate the 250thanniversary of the American War for Independence.

WAMC's Jim Levulis spoke with Matthew Keagle, Fort Ticonderoga Museum Curator, and Fort President and CEO Beth Hill about the significance of the acquisition.

Keagle: The Robert Nittolo collection is perhaps the single largest, most important collection of material culture relating to the conflicts that shaped our nation really, in the 18th century, primarily the American Revolution, but the French and Indian War and other colonial conflicts as well. And so, it contains objects from almost two centuries worth of time in the 1600s and 1700s, including weaponry, muskets and swords, and that kind of thing, all the way to soldiers’ clothing, their personal equipment, their accoutrement, all the tools that they used in the field, manuscripts, books that they used to learn the art of war. It really crosses almost every object type of the things that actually saw service during the military conflicts of the 18th century.

You can read the full interview at:

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