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Findmypast Announces Records for Parishes and Paupers New Online This Week

25 Nov 2022 6:19 AM | Anonymous

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

Over 150,000 new records have been added to Findmypast’s collection this Findmypast Friday 

Lincolnshire Baptisms 

Over 144,000 new baptisms have been added into this existing collection, spanning 1754-1862, with most of them predating 1812. The updates bring this collection to over 2.1 million records. The new records cover over 100 Lincolnshire parishes, and could help you find an ancestor’s parents’ names to get you moving further back in your tree.  

England & Wales, Paupers In Workhouses 1860 

In 1860, the House of Commons ordered for a report to be taken of each workhouse in England and Wales. This report detailed every long-term resident of the workhouses, and the reasons for their residency. A long-term resident was an adult, above the age of 16, who had been inhabiting a workhouse for five or more years. There are over 14,000 records in this brand-new collection to explore.  


Two new titles and updates to a further 17 have been added to the newspaper archive this week. 

New titles:

Updated titles:


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