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Announcing a New Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) company: IGGnite DNA, LLC.

11 Oct 2022 10:54 AM | Anonymous

The following is a press release written by IGGnite DNA, LLC.:

Hartford, Connecticut Oct 10, 2022 – Alumni of the first cohort to graduate from the new Forensic Genetic Genealogy certificate program offered by the University of New Haven have launched their own Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) company called IGGnite DNA, LLC.

The founding members met during the program, and in the summer of 2021 were selected to intern with the DNA Doe Project, a non-profit organization that uses genetic genealogy to assist law enforcement agencies with unidentified remains cases. During their internship, the women recognized the growing need for forensic investigative genetic genealogy involving suspect identification in cases of violent crimes.

Together, the founding members of, have worked more than 80 cases as volunteers with non-profit organizations including Search Angels, the Cold Case Coalition, and the DNA Doe Project.

IGGnite DNA, LLC will offer forensic investigative genetic genealogy to law enforcement agencies as well as genetic genealogy services for private individuals in need of assistance with their own family DNA research.

“We are all very dedicated to bringing resolution to unsolved cases. We have combined our unique skill sets and diverse experience in forensic science, biological research, and unknown parentage cases to create a genetic genealogy powerhouse”.

About IGGnite DNA, LLC:

IGGnite DNA, LLC is a women-owned small business based out of Connecticut. Team members are located across the country, allowing for a diverse set of skills to conduct the research needed for each case. It is their mission to spark new investigative leads while ensuring the use of best practices and adhering to industry guidelines.

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