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Introducing Heredis 2023 - a Major New Update for Both Windows and Macintosh

21 Sep 2022 3:00 PM | Anonymous

The following announcement was written by the Heredis worker co-op:

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE -, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 The Heredis worker co-op is glad to introduce Heredis 2023, which will be available for download starting September 20, 2022 on

This latest version of the software was conceived and designed so as to provide genealogists with an even more complete tool, meeting the needs of ALL genealogists. A genealogist who acquires Heredis should now be able to do it all from the software!


With this thought in mind, the Research Journal was integrated in the new version. Some Heredis beta-testers were indeed using another software to keep track of their research progress.

This new tool – so useful – will allow genealogists to easily keep an eye on their research progress. No more wasting a half-hour figuring out what needs to be researched next. From now on, everything can be done in Heredis: this tool allows you to manage your genealogical activities on a daily basis but also to have a real- time vision of your research status. So much better than a pen and paper research journal: genealogists can sort their findings by project, document, place, reference or URL, by time period or direct lineage or marked persons, and then print out whichever part they want to focus on. Let us give you one example: a genealogist working on the Tommies will be able to get a clear view on his research work and see right away what part calls for additional research. He can thus generate a custom report, print it, and take it with him to the war memorial!


Genealogists will definitely enjoy the location wheels! The wheels highlight ancestors’ and descendants’ origins thanks to the coloring by places: city, county, state/province, or even birth country.

To help genealogists find out more about their roots, this new variant of the Ancestors and Descendants wheels can be quite an eye-opener: genealogists will realize where their original roots are but also what gaps they may have in certain areas (see the gray areas below!). The wheel can include up to 12 generations and can be exported in PDF format and be printed.


The Heredis duplicates management tool has been completely rethought in the 2023 version. It has been improved and carefully redesigned while keeping the best assets of this feature already offered in the former Mac and Windows versions.

Genealogists will benefit from a tool with finer filters, thus offering more optimal search capabilities. As an example, the search on given names can be done requesting that at least two given names are identical.

The search can also be done based on events, excluding (or not) minor events. It can also be limited to a surname and its variants so you can start performing a gradual cleanup. Search results are thus more accurate and are displayed in a much neater way: the presentation, showing pairs of duplicates or persons next to each other, allows you to spot duplicate ancestors at a glance. You may also declare that two persons are not duplicates so they do not come up as such every time you run a search for duplicates. They can be hidden very easily thanks to the Potential Duplicates Only filter. Lastly, you can mark persons and edit a duplicates report. A great easy way to make sure you keep your files accurate and reliable!


Heredis 2023 now offers the possibility to read files in the GEDCOM 7 format, a new international standard recently launched by FamilySearch. This standard is no longer limited to text data and makes it possible to include images and other types of files (Word, PDF, and more). Heredis users will be able to import genealogical data, media included, from genealogists who use a software or website other than Heredis! A valuable timesaver so you can be fully dedicated to your genealogical work!


The Heredis Team is constantly improving software features and user-friendliness. Here are some examples:

Highlighting complete persons: if a person is marked as complete, the corresponding icon will show in the Persons panel, as well as in the Branches and Summary panels.

Merging even more detailed data: the Personal Data box now displays its full content so you get a better idea of what is about to be merged. Shared events can also be managed in greater detail to allow for a higher-quality merger.

Summaries have been significantly improved: thanks to the integrated zoom, get easy access from the summary to a person’s media and sources, in HD, with the carousel and navigation bar to scroll through all the media. The summary content is locked while you navigate in your family tree so you can keep useful information visible. The results of your searches are also displayed in the summary.

Emphasizing sources! The source media is displayed under the tab for the event. Users can freeze this picture in the summary panel and type data in the Details tab! Thanks to the integrated zoom, you no longer need to open the picture using another software!

Additional info: the age of the primary person and of their parents – providing they are alive – is automatically displayed under Immediate Family!

Support tools: "Check a genealogy..." is a feature that can repair a genealogy file considered as damaged. A technical FAQ is available directly from the software.

Zoom in on the World: the icons for direct- line ancestors are now displayed in the list of persons.


Starting with Heredis 2023, a new generation of mobile applications for iOS and Android are being released. Whether it is used independently or along with the software, the new Heredis 2023 application for tablets and smartphones is now available for a fee (please see the Heredis Newsletter sent last June). We used this opportunity to add a few new features: a new design with a Day/Night mode, the import of GEDCOM 7 files, the option to enter additional search details on Events, to enter Facts, and even the addition of + buttons for spouses and children in Immediate Family for the Android version... From now on, users of these mobile versions will have access to tech support during the whole time the application is available.

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