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8 Calling Apps to Make Free Phone Calls From Anywhere

19 Jul 2022 8:23 AM | Anonymous

NOTE: This article isn't about genealogy, DNA, or any of the other topics of this newsletter. However, it describes how to save money while using your computer to perform additional tasks you could not do previously:

You can read 8 Calling Apps to Make Free Phone Calls From Anywhere by Crystal Crowder at

NOTE: Notice the first question in the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) near the end of the article:

Question: Are calls on free call apps private?

Answer: There is no guarantee that your calls are private when using free calling apps. Check the privacy policy of any app before you use it.

If you want privacy, check out Signal at Signal is very private as all conversations (including 2-way video) are encrypted. It is also available free of charge. 

I use Signal frequently. I found it easy to install and easy to use.

The major drawback of Signal is that everyone in the conversation must have Signal software installed on their cell phone or desktop computer or tablet computer or iPad touch in order to communicate.

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